BlackStone-Online has in a short period managed to become one of the leading players in the competitive and highly increasing European affiliate business sector.

Through a dedicated personnel with more than 15 years internet experience and collaborating with the best and smartest marketing people, we have been able to obtain an extremely high ROI or Return-On-Investment on our activities thereby making and our partners very profitable.

The best partners naturally include world-known names like Google, Yahoo, MSN and top online ad agencies.

Affiliate Marketing is an internet-based marketing practice where companies pay commissions to persons or companies who bring them business by performing their own marketing efforts. Most companies find utmost attractive the “pay-for-performance”-model where sellers incur a marketing expense only when positive results are achieved.

The Web offers a huge potential for those offering competitive products and services but only provided the campaign is executed by professional people like

Whether you are a company wanting to market a product or service in any country, an investor or somebody with a business idea or proposal in our segment, you might find us interesting listeners and maybe future partners!